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Glycemic index and glycemic load - BREAKFAST CEREALS
(for impaired glucose tolerance)

This table contains data for impaired glucose tolerance only. To use the corresponding table for normal glucose tolerance, please follow this link →
All-BranTM, high-fiber, extruded wheat bran cereal (Kellogg's Inc., Etobicoke, Canada)503012
Amaranth (Amaranthus esculentum) popped, eaten with milk and non-nutritive sweetener (India)97±73018
Bran BudsTM (Kellogg's Inc., Canada)958307
Bran Buds with psyllium (Kellogg's Inc., Canada)947306
Bran ChexTM (Nabisco Brands Ltd., Toronto, Canada)9583011
CheeriosTM (General Mills Inc., Etobicoke, Canada)9743015
Corn BranTM (Quaker Oats Co. of Canada, Peterborough, Canada)9753015
Corn ChexTM (Nabisco Brands Ltd., Canada)9833021
CornflakesTM (Kellogg's, Auckland, New Zealand)72±23018
CornflakesTM (Kellogg's Inc., Canada)863022
CornflakesTM (Kellogg's, USA)4923024
Cornflakes (Kellogg's, France)93±33025
Cornflakes (Kellogg's, MI, USA)132±33033
mean of five studies95±53025
Cornflakes, high-fiber (Presidents Choice, Sunfresh Ltd., Toronto, Canada)9743017
Cream of WheatTM (Nabisco Brands Ltd., Canada)96625017
Cream of WheatTM, Instant (Nabisco Brands Ltd., Canada)97425022
CrispixTM (Kellogg's Inc., Canada)9 Fruitful LiteTM (Hubbards, Auckland, New Zealand)873022
Golden GrahamsTM (General Mills Inc., Canada)9713018
GrapenutsTM (Post, Kraft General Foods Inc., Canada)9673013
GrapenutsTM Flakes (Post, Kraft General Foods Inc., Canada)9803017
LifeTM (Quaker Oats Co., Canada)9663017
Muesli, No Name (Sunfresh Ltd., Toronto, Canada)9603011
Oat bran
Oat bran, raw (Quaker Oats Co., Canada)950102
Oat bran, raw59103
Oat Bran (Quaker Oats Co, Peterborough, ON, Canada)60104
mean of three studies56103
Oat bran crisp (Natureal® GI-crisp, Finn Cereal, Vantaa, Finland)10,11793010
Oat bran flour (Natureal® GI-flour, Finn Cereal, Vantaa, Finland), consumed mixed with cold water10,1140302
Porridge made from rolled oats
Porridge (Canada)6225014
Porridge (Canada)6925016
Porridge (USA)47525017
mean of three studies 6925016
Instant Porridge
Quick Oats (Quaker Oats Co., Canada)6525017
One Minute Oats (Quaker Oats Co., Canada)96625017
Pro StarsTM (General Mills Inc., Canada)9713017
Puffed Wheat (Quaker Oats Co., Canada)9673013
Red River Cereal (Maple Leaf Mills, Toronto, Canada)9493011
Rice ChexTM (Nabisco Brands Ltd., Canada)9893023
Rice KrispiesTM (Kellogg's Inc., Canada)9823022
Shredded WheatTM (Nabisco Brands Ltd., Canada)9833017
Sultana Bran (Healthy Living, UK)903015
TeamTM (Nabisco Brands Ltd., Canada)9823018
Thank GoodnessTM (Hubbards, New Zealand)65±53015
TotalTM (General Mills Inc., Canada)99763017
Wheat flakes, enriched with extruded oat-bran concentrate (8.1% β-glucan) (Canada)36306
WeetabixTM, plain flaked wheat biscuits (Weetabix of Canada Ltd., Thornhill, Canada)9743016
Juicy cereal bar (stavnata tycinka FIT, Usovsko, Czech Republic)85±53017
Wheat flake bar, containing frutcose and extruded oat bran concentrate (6.5% β-glucan) (Canada)30305