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Glycemic index and glycemic load - FRUIT AND FRUIT PRODUCTS
(for impaired glucose tolerance)

This table contains data for impaired glucose tolerance only. To use the corresponding table for normal glucose tolerance, please follow this link →
Cherries, raw, sour (Canada)221203
Chico (Zapota zapotilla coville), raw (Philippines)44012012
Dates, dried (Australia)1036042
Dates, NS type (Israel)62±26021
Fruit Cocktail, canned (Delmonte Canadian Canners Ltd., Hamilton, Canada)551209
Grapefruit, raw (Canada)251203
Kiwi fruit, Hayward (New Zealand)447±71206
Pineapple (Ananas comosus), raw (Philippines)4511208
Apples, raw
Apple, NS (Denmark)281204
Apple, Braeburn (New Zealand)432±21204
Apple, NS (Canada)341205
Apple, NS (USA)15401206
Apple, NS (Italy)441206
mean of five studies36±61205
Apricots, raw, NS (Italy)571205
Apricots, canned in light syrup (Riviera, Aliments Caneast Foods, Montreal, Canada)6412012
Apricots, dried (Wasco foods, Montreal, Canada)326010
Banana, raw
Banana (Canada)4612012
Banana (Israel)49±912012
Banana (Italy)5812013
Banana (Canada)5812015
Banana, ripe (all yellow) (USA)155112013
Banana, under-ripe (Denmark)7,17301206
Banana, slightly under-ripe (yellow with green sections) (USA)154212011
Banana, over-ripe (yellow flecked with brown) (USA)154812012
Banana, over-ripe (Denmark)7,175212011
mean of nine studies48±812011
Grapes, raw
Grapes, NS (Canada)431207
Grapes, NS (Italy)491209
Raisins (Israel)66±66028
Mango, raw
Mango (Mangifera indica) (Philippines)4411208
Mango, ripe (Mangifera indica) (India)6601209
Oranges, raw
Oranges, NS (Denmark)311203
Orange, NS (Israel)47±71206
Oranges, NS (Italy)481205
Oranges (Sunkist, Van Nuys, CA, USA)481205
Oranges NS (Canada)511206
mean of five studies45±51205
Papaya/Paw paw, raw
Papaya/Paw paw, raw (Carica papaya) (Philippines)4601209
Paw paw (papaya), ripe (India)66012017
Peach, raw
Peach, raw (Canada)281204
Peach, raw (Italy)561205
Peach, canned in light syrup (Delmonte, Canadian Canners Ltd., Canada)521209
Pear, raw
Pear, raw, NS (Canada)331204
Pear, Winter Nellis, raw (New Zealand)434±41204
Pear, Bartlett, raw (Canada)411203
Pear, raw, NS (Italy)421205
mean of four studies38±81204
Pear, canned in pear juice, Bartlett (Delmonte,441205
Plum, raw
Plum, raw, NS (Canada)241203
Plum, raw, NS (Italy)531206