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Glycemic index and glycemic load - VEGETABLES
(for impaired glucose tolerance)

This table contains data for impaired glucose tolerance only. To use the corresponding table for normal glucose tolerance, please follow this link →
Broad beans (Canada)479±9809
Cassava, boiled, with salt (Kenya, Africa)4610012
Parsnips (Canada)497±78012
Green peas
Pea, cooked (Israel)35±5805
Pea, frozen, boiled (Canada)439803
Sweet corn
Sweet corn, cooked (Israel)52±215017
Sweet corn (Canada)59±98011
Sweet corn, boiled (USA)5608011
mean of three studies578013
Sweet corn, whole kernel, diet-pack, Featherweight, canned, drained, heated (USA)546806
Sweet corn, frozen, heated in microwave (Green Giant, Pillsbury Canada Ltd., Toronto, Canada)47807
Root vegetables
Beetroot (Canada)464±4804
Carrots, raw (Romania)4,1116801
Carrots, NS (Canada)492±2806
Carrots, peeled, boiled, ground to smooth paste (Australia)60804
Baked potato
Ontario, white, baked in skin (Canada)6015018
Baked, Russet Burbank potatoes
Russet, baked without fat (Canada)5615017
Russet, baked without fat, 45-60 min (USA)57815023
Russet, baked without fat (USA)59415028
mean of three studies7615023
Boiled potato
Desiree, peeled, quartered, boiled 15 min in unsalted water (UK)77±715013
Maris Peer potato, peeled, quartered, boiled 15 min in unsalted water (UK)94±415027
Nardine, boiled (New Zealand)7015018
Ontario, white, peeled, cut into cubes, boiled in salted water 15 min (Canada)5815016
Prince Edward Island, peeled, cubed, boiled in salted water 15 min (Canada)6315011
Boiled/cooked, white/Type NS
Type NS (Kenya, Africa)241507
White, cooked (Romania)4,114115012
Potatoes (Germany)4915015
White, boiled (Canada)5415015
Type NS, boiled 19 min (Denmark)5615011
Potatoes, white (Italy)6115016
Type NS, peeled, boiled (Lebanon)8515026
mean of seven studies53±315014
Boiled potato cooked then cooled
Type NS, peeled, boiled and then cooled to 26oC (Lebanon)5415016
Canned potatoes
Prince Edward Island, canned, heated in microwave (Avon, Cobi Foods Inc., Port Williams, Canada)6115011
French Fries
French fries, frozen, reheated in microwave (Cavendish Farms, New Annan, Canada)7515022
Instant Mashed potato
Instant (France)74±415015
Instant (Carnation Foods Co. Ltd., Manitoba, Canada)8615017
Instant (Canada)8815018
Instant (UK)95±515017
mean of four studies86±615017
Mashed potato
Type NS (Canada)6715013
Ontario, white, peeled, cubed, boiled 15 min, mashed (Canada)7315020
Prince Edward Island, peeled, cubed, boiled 15 min mashed (Canada)7315013
mean of three studies7115015
Microwaved potato
Type NS, microwaved (USA)48215027
New Potato
New (Canada)4715010
New (Canada)5415011
Steamed potato
Potato dumplings (60% white potatoes, 40% white wheat flour, boiled in salted water), consumed with olive oil, tomato sauce and parmesan cheese (Italy)5215023
Sweet potato
Sweet potato, NS (Canada)48±815016
Sweet potato, peeled, cubed, boiled in salted water 15 min (Canada)5915018
Sweet potato, kumara (New Zealand)78±815020
mean of three studies6215019
Swede (rutabaga) (Canada)472±21507
Tapioca boiled with milk (General Mills Canada Inc., Etobicoke, Canada)8125014
Tapioca, boiled (India)693±325017
Yam, peeled, boiled (New Zealand)25±51509
Yam (Canada)51±115018