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Glycemic index and glycemic load - BREAKFAST CEREALS
(for normal glucose tolerance)

This table contains data for normal glucose tolerance only. To use the corresponding table for impaired glucose tolerance, please follow this link →
All-BranTM (high-fiber, extruded wheat bran cereal)
All-BranTM (Kellogg's, Pagewood, NSW, Australia)1730304
All-BranTM (Kellogg's, Battle Creek, MI, USA)11,1438308
All-BranTM (Kellogg's Inc., Canada)51±13012
All-BranTM (Kellogg's, Battle Creek, MI, USA)55±53012
mean of four studies44±4309
All-Bran Fruit 'n OatsTM (Kellogg's, Australia)41±1307
All-Bran Soy 'n fiberTM (Kellogg's, Australia)33±3304
All-Bran Wheat FlakesTM (Kellogg's, Australia)603012
BalanceTM (Sainsbury's, UK)74±43017
Barley flakes (China)69±93014
Barley porridge
Barley flour porridge, made from milled dehulled barley kernels (flour:water = 1:3) boiled for 2.5 min (Sweden)4650 (dry)15
Barley flour porridge, made from milled high-amylose (covered) barley kernels (flour:water = 1:3), boiled for 2.5 min (Sweden)3950 (dry)11
Barley porridge made from steamed thin (0.5 mm) dehulled barley flakes (Sweden)6250 (dry)17
Barley porridge made from steamed thick (1.0 mm) dehulled barley flakes (Sweden)6550 (dry)18
Wholemeal barley flour porridge (100% regular barley) (flour:water = 1:3), boiled 2.5 min (Sweden)6850 (dry)23
Wholemeal high-fiber barley flour porridge (50% barley flour: 50% high-fiber barley flour) (Sweden)5550 (dry)8
Bran cereal, high fiber (UK)43±3305
Bran Flakes
Branflakes (Healthy Living, UK)503010
Bran Flakes, President's Choice® Blue MenuTM (Loblaw Brands Limited, Canada)65±53012
Bran FlakesTM (Kellogg's, Australia)743013
mean of three studies633012
ChocapicTM (Nestlé, France)
ChocapicTM, wheat-based flaked cereal (2003)703017
ChocapicTM, wheat-based flaked cereal (2003)74±43019
ChocapicTM, wheat-based flaked cereal (2003)84±43022
mean of three studies763020
Coco PopsTM (cocoa flavored puffed rice)
Coco PopsTM (Kellogg's, Australia)77±73020
Coco PopsTM (Kellogg's, Australia)77±73020
Cornflakes (China)74±43019
CornflakesTM (Kellogg's, Australia)773019
Cornflakes (China)79±93020
CornflakesTM (Kellogg's Inc., Canada)803021
Cornflakes (Kellogg's, UK)93±33023
mean of five studies81±13020
Cornflakes, Crunchy NutTM (Kellogg's, Australia)72±23017
Corn PopsTM (Kellogg's, Australia)803021
Energy MixTM, wheat-based flaked cereal (Quaker, France)803020
Fibre First Multi-Bran Cereal, President's Choice® Blue MenuTM (Loblaw Brands Limited, Canada)56±6306
Froot LoopsTM (Kellogg's, Australia)69±93018
FrostiesTM, sugar-coated cornflakes (Kellogg's, Australia)553014
Fruit and FibreTM
Fruit and FibreTM (Sainsbury's, UK)61±13013
Fruit and Fibre (UK)67±73014
Fruit and Fibre (Value, UK)68±83013
mean of three studies653013
Fruity-BixTM, berry (Sanitarium, New Zealand)113±13025
Golden WheatsTM (Kellogg's, Australia)71±13016
Granola Clusters, Original, low fat, President's Choice® Blue MenuTM (Loblaw Brands Limited, Canada)63±33014
Granola Clusters, Raisin & Almond, low fat, President's Choice® Blue MenuTM (Loblaw Brands Limited, Canada)703015
GrapenutsTM (Kraft Foods Inc, Port Chester, USA)75±53016
GuardianTM (Kellogg's, Australia)37±7305
HealthwiseTM for bowel health (Uncle Toby's, Wahgunyah, Australia)66±63012
High-fiber cereal (UK)52±2309
Hi-LiteTM, containing 55% rolled barley grains (Freedom Foods, Cheltenham, Australia)54±43010
Honey Rice BubblesTM (Kellogg's, Australia)77±73020
Honey SmacksTM (Kellogg's, Australia)71±13016
Hot cereal, apple & cinnamon (Con Agra Inc, USA)37±7308
Hot cereal, unflavored (Con Agra Inc., USA)25±5305
Just RightTM (Kellogg's, Australia)603013
Just Right Just GrainsTM (Kellogg's, Australia)62±23014
Kashi Seven Whole Grain Puffs (Kashi Company, USA)65±53016
KompleteTM (Kellogg's, Australia)48±83010
Mini Wheats, whole wheat
Mini WheatsTM (Kellogg's, Australia)58±83012
Mini Wheats (Sainsbury's, UK)59±93012
Mini WheatsTM, blackcurrant (Kellogg's, Australia)72±23015
Alpen original muesli, made from steamed rolled oats with dried fruit and nuts (Weetabix, UK)55±53011
Bürgen® Fruit & Muesli (George Weston Foods, Australia)513010
Bürgen® Soy-LinTM Muesli (George Weston Foods, Australia)51±1309
Bürgen® Rye Muesli (George Weston Foods, Australia)41307
Muesli (Value, UK)64±43012
Muesli (Canada)66±63016
Muesli (Healthy Eating, UK)86±63018
Muesli, fruit (UK)67±73014
Muesli, fruit and nut (UK)59±93011
Muesli, gluten-free with Psyllium (Freedom Foods, Australia)50305
Muesli, Light, mixed berry & apple flavor, Special K brand (Kellogg's, Australia)64±43013
Muesli, Lite (Sanitarium, New Zealand)54±43010
Muesli, Morning Sun Natural Apricot & Almond (Australia)49±9306
Muesli, Natural (Sanitarium, Australia)40308
Muesli, Natural (Sanitarium, New Zealand)57±73011
Muesli, Natural Style Original Swiss Formula (Uncle Toby's, Australia)62±23011
Muesli, Naytura Fruit and Nut (Woolworths Limited, Australia)48±8307
Muesli, Swiss Bircher (Woolworths Limited, Australia)52±2309
Muesli, Swiss Formula (Uncle Toby's, Australia)56±6309
Muesli, toasted (Purina, Sydney, NSW, Australia)43±3307
Muesli, toasted, with nuts (Australia)65±53011
Muesli, wholewheat (UK)56±63010
Muesli, yeast & wheat free (Freedom Foods, Australia)45±5304
Vogel's Café Style Fibre-Rich Muesli (Specialty Cereals, Mt Kuring-gai, NSW, Australia)48±8309
NutrigrainTM (Kellogg's, Australia)66±63010
Oat bran, consumed as a drink mixed with 41g glucose and water
15 g Oat bran (containing 2 g β-glucan), consumed as a drink with glucose and water (Finland)84±4102
30 g Oat bran (containing 4 g β-glucan), consumed as a drink with glucose and water (Finland)58±8102
30 g Oat bran (containing 4 g β-glucan), consumed as a drink mixed with glucose and water, frozen for 13 days and then thawed before consumption (Finland)64±4102
45 g Oat bran (containing 6 g β-glucan), consumed as a drink with glucose and water (Finland)64±4102
Oat 'n Honey BakeTM (Kellogg's, Australia)77±73013
Oats, rolled, uncooked (Lowan's Whole Foods, Box Hill, Australia)59±93011
Porridge made from rolled oats
Porridge (Uncle Toby's, Australia)17422509
Porridge, made from rolled oats cooked for 20 min (Canada)49±925011
Porridge oats (Freedom Foods, Australia)5025010
Traditional porridge oats (Lowan Whole Foods, Australia)51±125011
Porridge, made from steel-cut oats, cooked in water (USA)52±225017
Porridge (China)55±525013
Traditional Rolled Oats (Woolworths Limited, Australia)57±725011
Old-Fashioned Steel Cut Oats, President's Choice® Blue MenuTM (Loblaw Brands Limited, Canada)57±725014
Porridge (Hubbards, New Zealand)58±825012
Porridge (Australia)58±825012
Porridge (Value, UK)63±325019
Porridge, organic (UK)63±325018
Porridge, Scottish (UK)63±325020
mean of thirteen studies55±525013
Multi grain instant oatmeal, Regular and Cinnamon & Spice, President's Choice® Blue MenuTM (Loblaw Brands Limited, Canada)55±525014
Multigrain porridge, containing rolled oats, wheat, triticale, rye, barley and rice, cooked with water (The Monster Muesli Company, Beecroft, Australia)55±525019
Wholemeal oat flour porridge (flour:water = 1:3), boiled 2.5 min (Sweden)7450 (dry)24
Oat porridge made from thick (1.0 mm) dehulled oat flakes (Sweden)5525015
Oat porridge made from 0.5-0.6 mm thick flakes, cooked for 10min (Elovena; Raisio Group Ltd, Raisio, Finland)76±625019
Oat porridge made from roasted thin (0.5 mm) dehulled oat flakes (Sweden)6925019
Oat porridge made from roasted thick (1.0 mm) dehulled oat flakes (Sweden)5025014
Oat porridge made from roasted and steamed thin (0.5 mm) dehulled oat flakes (Sweden)8025022
Oat porridge made from steamed thick (1.0 mm) dehulled oat flakes (Sweden)5325014
Instant Porridge
Instant porridge (China)69±925014
Instant oat porridge, cooked in microwave with water (Uncle Toby's, Australia)82±225020
Instant oatmeal porridge, made from packet (China)83±325018
Instant oat cereal porridge prepared with water (UK)83±325030
mean of four studies79±925021
Pop TartsTM, Double Chocolate (Kellogg's, Australia)705025
Puffed Wheat (Sanitarium, Australia)803017
Raisin BranTM (Kellogg's, USA)61±13012
Rice Bran, extruded (Rice Growers Co-Operative Ltd, Leeton, Australia)19±9303
Rice Bubbles
Rice BubblesTM (Kellogg's, Australia)17813021
Rice BubblesTM (Kellogg's, Australia)85±53022
Rice BubblesTM (Kellogg's, Australia)92±23024
Rice BubblesTM (Kellogg's, Australia)953025
mean of four studies88±83023
Shredded Wheat (Canada)67±73013
Soy Crunch Multi-Grain Cereal, President's Choice® Blue MenuTM (Loblaw Brands Limited, Canada)47±7309
Special KTM - formulation of this cereal varies in different countries
Special KTM (Kellogg's, Australia)54±43011
Special KTM (Kellogg's, USA)69±93014
Special KTM, made from rice (Kellogg's, France)84±43020
Soy TastyTM (flaked grains, soy nuts, dried fruit) (Sanitarium, Australia)603012
SoytanaTM, Vogel's, soy and linseed bran crunch with sultanas (20.1 g fiber per 100 g), (Specialty Cereals, Mt Kuring-gai, NSW, Australia)49±94512
Sultana BranTM (Kellogg's, Australia) (2007)64±43012
Sultana BranTM (Kellogg's, Australia) (1997)73±33014
SustainTM, Original (Kellogg's, Australia) (2007)55±53012
Ultra-branTM, Vogel's, soy and linseed extruded wheat bran cereal (30.2 g fiber per 100 g) (Specialty Cereals, Australia)41±1305
Vogel's Cluster Crunch Classic (Specialty Cereals, Australia)503010
Vogel's Cluster Crunch, Honey Hazelnut (Specialty Cereals, Australia)43±3308
Wild Oats Cluster Crunch Hazelnut Chocolate (Specialty Cereals, Australia)43±3308
Wheat-bitesTM (Uncle Toby's, Australia)72±23018
Wheat biscuits (plain flaked wheat)
Vita-BritsTM (Uncle Toby's, Australia)17613012
Vita-BritsTM (Uncle Toby's, Australia)68±83013
Weet-BixTM (Sanitarium, Australia)693012
Weet-BixTM (Sanitarium, Australia)69±93012
WeetabixTM (Weetabix of Canada Ltd.)75±53016
Whole wheat GoldiesTM (Kellogg's, Australia)703014
Wheat based cereal biscuit (UK)72±23014
mean of seven studies69±93013
Wheat biscuits (flaked wheat) with additional ingredients
Good StartTM, muesli wheat biscuits (Sanitarium, Australia)68±83014
Hi-Bran Weet-BixTM, wheat biscuits with extra wheat bran (Sanitarium, Australia)61±13010
Hi-Bran Weet-BixTM with soy and linseed (Sanitarium, Australia)57±7309
Honey GoldiesTM (Kellogg's Australia)72±23015
Lite-BixTM, plain, no added sugar (Sanitarium, Australia)703014
Oat bran Weet-BixTM (Sanitarium, Australia)57±73011
Sultana GoldiesTM (Kellogg's Australia)65±53013