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Glycemic index and glycemic load - CRACKERS
(for normal glucose tolerance)

This table contains data for normal glucose tolerance only. To use the corresponding table for impaired glucose tolerance, please follow this link →
Choice grain crackers (UK)49±9258
Corn Thins, puffed corn cakes, gluten-free (Real Foods, St Peters, Australia)87±72518
Cream Cracker (LU Triumfo, Brazil)65±52511
High-calcium cracker (Danone, Malaysia)52±2259
JatzTM, plain salted craker biscuits (Arnotts, Australia)55±52510
Lees Cabin Crackers (Fiji)602511
President's Choice® Blue MenuTM Ancient Grains snack crackers (Loblaw Brands Limited, Canada)65±52510
President's Choice® Blue MenuTM Wheat & Onion snack crackers (Loblaw Brands Limited, Canada)602510
President's Choice® Blue MenuTM Wheat & Sesame snack crackers (Loblaw Brands Limited, Canada)56±6259
President's Choice® Blue MenuTM Wheat snack crackers (Loblaw Brands Limited, Canada)65±52511
Puffed Crispbread (Westons, Australia)81±12515
Puffed rice cakes
Puffed rice cakes, white (Rice Growers Co-op, Australia)82±22517
Rice cake (China)82±22517
Rice cakes, Calrose rice (low-amylose) (Rice Growers Co-op, Australia)91±12519
Rice cakes, Doongara rice (high-amylose) (Rice Growers Co-op, Australia)61±12513
Puffed rice cakes, caramel flavored (USA)82±22518
Rice cracker, plain (Sakada, Japan)913023
Rye crackers with oats (UK)64±42510
Rye crackers with sesame (UK)57±7259
Ryvita® (Canada)69±92511
Ryvita® Pumpkin Seeds & Oats (George Weston Foods, North Ryde, Australia)46±6256
Ryvita® Sunflower Seeds & Oats (George Weston Foods, Australia)48±8257
KavliTM Norwegian Crispbread (Players Biscuits, Sydney, Australia)71±12512
SaoTM, plain square crackers (Arnotts, Australia)702512
Water cracker
Water cracker (Canada)63±32511
Water cracker (Arnotts, Australia)78±82514
Wholegrain crackers with sesame seeds and rosemary (UK)53±3258
Wholewheat crackers with pumpkin and thyme (UK)36±6256
Wholewheat sticks, crunchy, yeast extract flavored (UK)50257