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Glycemic index and glycemic load - FRUIT JUICES
(for normal glucose tolerance)

This table contains data for normal glucose tolerance only. To use the corresponding table for impaired glucose tolerance, please follow this link →
Carrot juice, freshly made (Sydney, Australia)843±3250 mL10
Prune juice (Golden Circle, Australia)SuperJuice (Berri Ltd, Australia)43±3250 mL15
Apple juice
Apple juice, unsweetened, reconstituted (Berrivale Orchards Ltd, Berri, Australia)39±9250 mL10
Apple juice, Granny Smith, unsweetened (Australia)44±4250 mL13
Apple juice, pure, clear, unsweetened (The Wild About Fruit Company, Wandin, VIC, Australia)44±4250 mL13
Apple juice, pure, cloudy, unsweetened (The Wild About Fruit Company, Australia)37±7250 mL10
Apple and blackcurrant juice, no added sugar (Berri Ltd, Australia)45±5250 mL11
Apple and cherry juice, pure, unsweetened (The Wild About Fruit Company, Australia)43±3250 mL14
Apple and mango juice, pure, unsweetened (The Wild About Fruit Company, Australia)47±7250 mL16
Apple, pineapple and passionfruit juice, unsweetened (The Wild About Fruit Company, Australia)48±8250 mL16
Cranberry juice
Cranberry juice cocktail (Ocean Spray, Melbourne, Australia)52±2250 mL16
Cranberry juice cocktail (Ocean Spray Inc., Lakeville-Middleboro, MA, USA)68±8250 mL24
Cranberry juice drink, Ocean Spray® (Gerber Ltd., Bridgewater, Somerset, UK)56±6250 mL16
mean of three studies59250 mL19
Orange juice
Orange juice (Canada)46±6250 mL12
President's Choice® Blue MenuTM Oh-Mega j Orange juice beverage (Loblaw Brands Limited, Canada)48±8250 mL14
Orange juice, unsweetened, reconstituted concentrate, Quelch brand (Berri Ltd, Australia)53±3250 mL9
Orange juice, unsweetened, reconstituted concentrate, Mr Juicy brand (Berri Ltd, Australia)54±4250 mL11
mean of four studies50250 mL12
SuperJuice Greenzone, containing apple, orange and pineapple juice
SuperJuice Immune, containing apple juice, pineapple juice and guava puree47±7250 mL12
SuperJuice Kickstart, containing apple juice, blueberry puree and banana puree39±9250 mL11
Tomato juice
Tomato juice, low sodium, President's Choice® Blue MenuTM (Loblaw Brands Limited, Canada)23±3250 mL2
Tomato juice, no added sugar (Campbell's Soup Company, Camden, USA)33±3250 mL3
Tomato juice, canned, no added sugar (Berri Ltd, Australia)38±8250 mL4
mean of three studies31250 mL2