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Glycemic index and glycemic load - NUTRITIONAL SUPPORT PRODUCTS
(for normal glucose tolerance)

This table contains data for normal glucose tolerance only. To use the corresponding table for impaired glucose tolerance, please follow this link →
Choiced m TM, vanilla (Mead Johnson Nutritionals, Evansville, USA)23±3237 mL6
Diasip®, diabetes-specific enteral formula8 (Nutricia N.V., Netherlands)12±2250 mL3
Diason®/Nutrison Diabetes, diabetes-specific enteral8 formula (Nutricia N.V., Netherlands)17±7250 mL5
Diben®, diabetes-specific enteral formula8 (Fresenius Kabi AG, Germany)22±2250 mL5
Enercal PlusTM, made from powder (Wyeth-Ayerst International Inc, Madison, USA)61±1237 mL24
EnsureTM, vanilla (Abbott Australasia, Kurnell, NSW, Australia)50237 mL19
EnsureTM, vanilla (Abbott Australasia)48±8237 mL16
EnsureTM bar, chocolate fudge brownie (Abbott Australasia)43±3388
EnsureTM Hospital, nutritional supplement powder, prepared with water (Abbott Nutrition International)51±1250 mL3
Ensure PlusTM, vanilla (Abbott Australasia)40237 mL19
Ensure PuddingTM, old fashioned vanilla (Abbott Laboratories Inc, Ashland, USA)36±61139
Fortimel® enteral formula (Nutricia N.V., Netherlands)825±5250 mL6
Glucerna Chocolate Graham nutritional supplement bar (Ross Nutrition, Canada)20505
Glucerna, diabetes-specific enteral formula (Abbott Laboratories Inc, USA)15±5250 mL4
Glucerna enteral nutritional supplement, vanilla
GlucernaTM, vanilla flavor8 (Abbott Nutrition International)19±9250 mL4
GlucernaTM, vanilla flavor8 (Abbott Nutrition International)20250 mL4
GlucernaTM, vanilla flavor (Ross Nutrition, Canada)26±6250 mL8
GlucernaTM, vanilla (Abbott Laboratories Inc., USA)831±1250 mL8
mean of four studies24±4250 mL6
Glucerna Select, enteral nutritional supplement8 (Abbott Nutrition International)16±6250 mL2
Glucerna SR, diabetes-specific enteral formula (Abbott Laboratories Inc., USA)23±3250 mL6
InslowTM (Abbott Nutrition International -Japan)825±5250 mL6
JevityTM (Abbott Australasia)48±8237 mL17
JevityTM HiCal, enteral nutritional supplement (Abbott Nutrition International)59±9250 mL27
Novasource Diabet®, diabetes-specific enteral formula8 (Novartis Consumer Health SA, Switzerland)26±6250 mL8
Nutridrink (Nutricia N.V., Netherlands)925250 mL12
Nutridrink Multifiber, containing 2.3 g fiber/100 mL (Nutricia N.V., Netherlands)922250 mL10
Nutrison Mutli fiber® enteral formula8 (Nutricia N.V., Netherlands)28±8250 mL9
Nutrison Standard® enteral formula8 (Nutricia N.V., Netherlands)34±4250 mL10
Promote with fiberTM nutritional supplement (Ross Nutrition, USA)49±9237 mL16
ProsureTM, ready-to-drink supplement, vanilla flavor (Abbott Nutrition International)54±4237 mL20
ProsureTM, ready-to-drink supplement, vanilla flavor (Abbott Nutrition International)55±5237 mL23
Resource DiabeticTM, French vanilla (Novartis Nutrition Corp., Young America, USA)834±4237 mL8
Resource DiabeticTM, Swiss chocolate (Novartis, Auckland, New Zealand)16±6237mL7
ResourceTM fruit beverage, peach flavor (Novartis, New Zealand)40237 mL16
ResourceTM thickened orange juice, honey consistency (Novartis, New Zealand)47±7237 mL18
ResourceTM thickened orange juice, nectar consistency (Novartis, New Zealand)54±4237 mL19
SustagenTM, Dutch Chocolate (Mead Johnson, Bristol Myers Squibb, Rydalmere, Australia)31±1250 mL13
SustagenTM Hospital with extra fiber, drink made from powdered mix (Mead Johnson, Australia)33±3250 mL15
SustagenTM Instant Pudding, vanilla, made from powdered mix (Mead Johnson, Australia)27±725013
TapionTM nutritonal supplement (Abbott Nutrition International - Japan)27±7250 mL7
TwoCal HNTM, high nitrogen nutritional supplement, vanilla flavor (Abbott Nutrition International)55±5237 mL27
UltracalTM with fiber (Mead Johnson, Evansville, IN, USA)40237 mL12