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Glycemic index and glycemic load - SPORTS (ENERGY) BARS
(for normal glucose tolerance)

This table contains data for normal glucose tolerance only. To use the corresponding table for impaired glucose tolerance, please follow this link →
Clif bar, Chocolate Brownie Energy bar (Clif Bar Inc., Berkeley, USA)57±76522
Performance Chocolate Energy bar (Power Bar, USA)53±36522
Power Bar® (Powerfood Inc., Berkeley, USA)
Power Bar®, chocolate58±86524
Power Bar®, chocolate9536522
Ironman PR bar®, chocolate (PR Nutrition, San Diego, CA, USA)9396510
SmartZone Nutrition Bar (Hershey's Food Corporation, Hershey, PA, USA)
SmartZone Chocolate flavor11±1502
SmartZone Chocolate flavor16±6503
SmartZone Crunchy Blueberry flavor15±5503
SmartZone Crunchy Chocolate Brownie flavor23±3504
SmartZone Crunchy Chocolate Caramel flavor16±6503
SmartZone Crunchy Chocolate Peanut Butter flavor14±4503
SmartZone Crunchy Key Lime flavor14±4503
SmartZone Peanut Butter flavor18±8503
Snickers® Marathon Energy Bar (M&M/Mars, USA)
Chewy Chocolate Peanut flavor36±6509
Cookies & Creme flavor505014
Multi Grain Crunch flavor505014
Peanut Butter flavor34±4508
Snickers® Marathon Low Carb Lifestyle Energy Bar (M&M/Mars, USA)
Chocolate Fudge Brownie flavor20502
Peanut Butter flavor21±1502
Snickers® Marathon Nutrition Bar (M&M/Mars, USA)
Dark Chocolate Crunch flavor49±9255
Honey & Roasted Almond flavor41±1254
Snickers® Marathon Protein Performance Bar (M&M/Mars, USA)
Caramel Nut Rush flavor26±6506
Chocolate Nut Burst flavor32±2506
SoLo GI Nutrition Bar (New Era Nutrition Inc, Alberta, Canada)
SoLo GI Berry Bliss Nutrition bar29±9506
SoLo GI Chocolate Charger Nutrition bar28±8506
SoLo GI Lemon Lift Nutrition bar29±9506
SoLo GI Mint Mania Nutrition bar23±3505
SoLo GI Peanut Power Nutrition bar27±7505
SoLo GI Snack Bar (New Era Nutrition Inc, Alberta, Canada)
SoLo GI Berry Bliss Snack bar29±9253
SoLo GI Chocolate Charger Snack bar28±8253
SoLo GI Lemon Lift Snack bar29±9253
SoLo GI Mint Mania Snack bar23±3252
SoLo GI Peanut Power Snack bar27±7253
VO2 Max Chocolate Energy bar (M&M/Mars, USA)49±96522
ZonePerfect Nutrition bar, Double Chocolate flavor (Abbott Laboratories, Abbott Park, USA)44±4508